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One of the top online casinos revealed that it had successfully dealt its one millionth blackjack hand. This is a good indicator of the popularity of visiting online casinos. The industry was in a state of flux when the first online casino opened its doors in 1996. Smart mobile devices are making it easier for people to access the site from anywhere Ezwin.

Nielsen Media Research, 2010 statistics show that online gambling traffic has increased 40% in the UK. It was also discovered that 46% (or more) of online gambling players in the UK were women, while 50% were middle-aged men who earn above average salaries. The National Annenberg Survey of the Young, USA, found that about 16% of college-aged Americans visited online casinos at the least once a month. This is significantly higher than 2008 figures.

Online gambling venues credit their rise in popularity to industry standards set by groups such as eCOGRA. They have better customer service and a greater commitment to offering players safer and better sites. There are many new payment options available online. Also, there are more currency and other language options that are helping to increase the popularity of gambling websites worldwide.

Latin America is the top region for international expansion of online gaming. These 33 countries, which have an estimated population around 570m, are perfect for web gambling companies. Latin America is an attractive frontier for expansion by investors in areas such as financial service providers or online server operators.

The attractiveness of expanding online gaming in Latin America lies in the availability of broadband and wireless internet. The internet reached almost 200 million Latin Americans by 2009, growing at a rate of 30% each year.

Latin America appears to have the highest potential for online gambling growth. Latin America had an average device penetration of 80% in 2009. Nearly 500million people are connected via mobile networks. This coupled with the rapidly changing graphics and games for mobile devices is why it makes sense that any online casino seeking to grow would benefit from this region.

Mobile device gambling is not a Latin American phenomenon. Mobile devices are quickly growing in popularity worldwide, and the web-based casinos that make applications for them are the ones who will benefit the most.

Online gambling is a vast improvement on what it was in 1996. Online gambling has seen a lot of progress since 1996. There are now more payment and currency options available. The graphics and software platforms have improved, casinos are looking at customer service differently, and mobile devices such as Android phones, iPhones, and other smartphones are opening up a new segment in online gaming. It’s a very exciting time to be in online gambling.

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